Integration Bundle


The 3 classes in this bundle explore what it is to integrate our energy, connecting the breath to movement and finding strength alongside ease and rest.

INTEGRATE |  5 Elements

This practice draws on the 5 Elements: we begin low to the earth, play with fluid transitions, and build heat, all with a sense of lightness and ease. We gather our dispersed energies and use the breath to connect with the full strength of the body. 49 minutes

BALANCE | Play of Opposites

This practice explores the balance between left and right, past and futures. We find strength and stability alongside openness and ease. Explore the cycles of contraction and expansion (spanda), through fluid movement. 31 minutes.


UNWIND | Ease & Heal

Through this restorative practice, we slow down to find ease and rest. We take time to replenish the nervous system and unwind the body. 25 minutes